Basic On-page SEO tips to Rank Higher

Basic On-page SEO tips to Rank Higher

 Basic On-page SEO tips to Rank Higher. Many of our users have requested an on-page SEO guide. On-page SEO is a really important part of SEO. Without it, you can’t promote your blog or website. As an SEO lover, I do on-page SEO to improve the ranking of my blogs.

Today, we will learn the basic On-Page SEO tips to rank higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any Search Engine. Are you ready? Let me share the basic and secret On-Page SEO tips :

On Page SEO

1. Blog Design

The most important thing!! Make your Blog design responsive, easy to navigate and so on! If you’re not a designer and use themes that are available over the internet, then while applying a theme, make sure that it’s SEO optimized and responsive. Consider Blog design first…

2. Page Speed

Yes, page speed matters in On-Page SEO. Try to make your page light so that it loads faster. You can improve your blog or website’s page speed by:

  • Removing Extra Widgets
  • Enable browser caching
  • Optimize Images
  • Remove extra plugins
  • Remove Extra Flashy content!

Use this tool to check speed of your blog page:

PageSpeed Insights

3. Drop your Keyword in first 100 Words 

This tip is really cool! try to drop your keyword in the first 100-150 words of your blog post or article. This allows Search Engines to know that the page is about the keyword. Try this!

4. Optimize Images

Optimizing images is really a good step for On-Page SEO. You can do that by simply giving images Proper Dimensions. Also, Add Alt Text to images to describe or explain your image! This allows search engines to understand what this image is about.

PRO Tip: In order to rank your blog images in Image search, try to keep image names like Keyword.jpg, Keyword.png, etc. Not use names like image1.jpg, image2.png, or like that.

5. Easy Skimming

Follow all the rules:

  • use small paragraphs
  • Use a font that users can easily understand
  • Use Bold or Italics to draw the visitor’s attention.
  • Use sections, headings, tables, charts, lists, etc.

6. Interlinking!

Interlink your blog posts in each post. Like, before you publish a new blog post, interlink the older ones! After all, care must be taken in this regard. Only interlink the posts that are related to your current post’s keyword!

7. Use Keywords in URL of post

Use the keyword in your blog post URL. For instance, the topic of the blog post is “On-Page SEO”,  Bad for On-Page SEO

While:  Good for On-Page SEO

8. Media

Media is really a part of On-Page SEO. As you know media includes Images, videos, etc. Try to add relevant images, videos in your blog posts.

9. Optimize Headings

Optimize your blog headings. Use:

  • h1 heading for your blog title
  • h2 heading for your blog post title
  • h3 headings within your blog posts

You can use headings inside the post to draw the attraction of reader!

Anything Else?

If you know any other On-Page SEO tips, then share it with us in comments. Happy Search Engine Optimization

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