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How To Get More Comments To Your Blog Posts

Get More Comments To Your Website Posts. Getting your loyal readers to comment on your site is a very difficult task. How many pageviews and visitors you might get in a day, it is not compulsory that you will get comments on your articles.

I have seen many big websites that get huge traffic daily but the number of comments that are getting are nowhere in front of their page views. What is the thing that they are missing and what should they do to solve this issue. Let’s see some tips and techniques that you can implement on your site to get real and original comments on your blog articles. And these one’s really worked for many people out there.

1. Be Friendly With Your Readers

Your readers might find your content useful but not as long as you are not polite to them. Write sober and friendly articles. No one would want to read an article filled with rudeness and negative nature. Bring the change in your writing style and you will see that your readers would like to converse with you more often.

2. Ask Them

Once you are finished writing your post, at the end include a friendly statement for your readers to share their thoughts and feelings about the topic of your post. This way visitors will comment on your site even if they were not feeling before. I include this type of line in every article on my site. As I was a video blogger before, this was one of the main techniques that I used at the end of my tech videos.

3. Question Them

Ask questions to your readers, within the posts. These should be related to your post topic and not off-topic as it can divert your visitor’s concentration. If you are writing a post, about some of your favorite smartphones out there, then ask them what are their dream smartphones so that they comment on the same in the comments section given below. To date, this is one of the major tips that can get some huge quality comments on your blog posts.

4. Reply To Comments

Yes, reply to your comments that you get on your site. Don’t be rude to your readers by making them feel left alone. Show them some importance and reply as nicely as you can. Help them out if they tell you something about any problem that they are facing. If you think any of your posts can help them in solving their problem, then leave a link in the comments. By doing so you will have two advantages first it will make your visitor happy and second you will drive more traffic to your site through inbound linking.

5. Easy Commenting System

Again, one of the most important aspects of a site. Who would like to comment on a post which has an ugly looking comment system which requires multiple steps to post a single comment? Suppose yo u visit a site, and then you are heading over to the comments section to make a quick comment, how would you feel if you are prompted to add a captcha code. Probably lazy and you would most likely close the tab!. So adding a neat and clean comment system is very important. The ones which I recommend to most of the users are CommentLuv, Disqus, and IntenseDebate.

6. Approve All Comments

Approve all the comments that you get to your site. But make sure that they are not spammy as this can affect your Pagerank and site rankings. The comment which you are approving can prove to be useful to the other readers of your site.

7. Top Commentators

Place atop commentators widget to your blog. This way you can make your readers feel special. It will also encourage your blog readers to be more active in the comments. You can also give them a do-follow link to their website. So this way they can earn a backlink.

These were some of the most popular and useful methods out there which can bring a huge number of original and useful comments to your site. If you think that I am missing any of them out there then do share them in the comments section given below.

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