Top 5 Effective Social Media Strategies for New Bloggers

Top 5 Effective Social Media Strategies for New Bloggers

Social Media Strategies for New Bloggers. Many individuals, especially those who like to share their thoughts on certain issues or their passions in life, consider blogs as their modern journals.

How about you, have you thought about blogging too?

Well, if you have not, think of it as a way to vent your opinions on a certain topic. Or, you can use the activity to talk about your interests. Alternatively, you can give valuable insights to other people.

Know Your Ultimate Objective

As a novice blogger, your initial goal is to gain a significant readership base. The question is, “How exactly can you do this?”.

Use social media channels. Popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr serve as great promotional platforms for your posts. There is no doubt about this given that such sites have billions of active members.

After knowing that, check out the following tips to help make your efforts more productive.

Top 5 Effective Social Media Strategies for New Bloggers

1. Display widgets and buttons

With this strategy, your posts are more shareable, which in turn increases your blog site’s online visibility. It also makes your social pages accessible from any of your webpages.

So where can you find the right icons?

You can either purchase or get them free on certain sites. If you have no idea which websites offer buttons and widgets, you can look up the information on Google. Alternatively, you can ask your web designer to customise these according to your blog’s theme.

Once you have the ideal set, make sure you place them strategically, perhaps at the sidebar or the bottom of the page. By doing so, the readers can share or like your articles right away.

2. Base your username on your blog name

Whether you are a travel or business blogger, this technique is essential in building an online community and, eventually, your reputation.

“Why”, you may ask.

Doing this lets the users recognise and familiarise with your website even when they are accessing your Facebook or Twitter page.

3. Interact with your readers through social media

Most users measure a blogger’s success using numerous aspects and one of these is fan base. Oftentimes, several people look into the number of your followers before considering you an authority. So, even if you have compelling articles, some individuals will not bother reading these.

Therefore, it is important to establish a relationship with your target audience to draw attention.

Now, how can you do this?

Communicate with them through various social media channels. A simple “Like”, “Retweet”, or comment will make your fans realise that you are not just someone from their network but a person they can communicate.

Additionally, support other bloggers’ articles by including their links on your social updates. By doing this, they might just feature you on their blog site and fan pages too. You can also check out their Google+ or Twitter account to leave a comment, share, like, or retweet some of their posts.

4. Be creative with your posts

Aside from publishing compelling articles on your blog, you should also come up with interesting messages, tweets, or posts to make the other users notice you.

So how can you make your updates engaging?

Use humour.

Have you ever wondered how several fun websites gained fandom? Well, they integrate their content with witty statements.

Given that many readers nowadays like comic strips, memes, or amusing posts with life lessons, you can apply this idea to your articles.

Then again, you need to find out how your readers respond to “funny” posts. If you blog about sensitive topics, it is best to avoid sarcasm or dark humour altogether.

5. Create a fan page for every blog

Do you have multiple blog sites? Maybe you have set up one for movie reviews, another for fashion, and another for photography.

If this is the case, you must create an account for each platform. While you are doing so, do not forget Tip #2.

Are you wondering why?

Doing this helps your target readers differentiate one blog from the other.

Apart from setting up separate accounts, you can connect all your social pages to help the users go from one account to another.

Final Thoughts

Even if you are new to the blogosphere, you can eventually gain a wide readership with the aid of these five ideas. Just remember though that you can apply more strategies.

With that said, take time to read other posts and learn from other bloggers to help you obtain more insights on social media and blogging.

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