Top 10 Quick Blogging Tips

Top 10 Quick Blogging Tips to Help You Succeed in 2020

Top 10 Quick Blogging Tips. If you want to start a new blog in 2020, read my ultimate guide to starting a blog which is a step by step guide to help you get

As a blogger myself I know that starting a blog is easy, but taking it too the next level and making money from it is difficult.

I’ve seen bloggers FAILED because they don’t follow the right people and don’t use the right strategies, so If you’ve just started a blog then take a look at the top 10…

…Quick Blogging Tips to help you succeed in 2020:

1. Start interacting with other bloggers:

This can take you on the height of blogging.

Reach out to more and more bloggers in your niche and build healthy relationships with them because relationship building is most important in blogging.

This will also help you in getting more traffic because when you built relationship with bloggers and convinced blogs that already have readers will also send readers in your way by linking to your blog.

2. Write controversial posts:

Don’t spend much of your time on researching for keywords when writing a post and don’t always write typical posts.

Write creative posts with your own experience that starts a conversation with your readers. This way you’ll be encouraging them to come back to your blog again and again.

Writing niche content and solving the reader’s problem will surely help you reach your destination in 2020. But make sure you also write creative and controversial posts.

3. Show your talent and personality in your writing:

Show your personality in your writing by producing content that people will want to keep coming back over and over again to read what you write on your blog.

Writing skills plays a huge role in making your readers love your blog, so establish a voice in your writing.

4. Spend the same period of time on proofreading your post you spent on writing:

How many times do you proofread your posy after writing it?

I spend a whole day making sure my post is free of grammar and spelling mistakes because It is very annoying to see misplaced “has” or “have” or misspelled words in a post.

Why proofreading is must?

Here’s the deal:

When people visit your blog, they come looking for VALUE, but if It’s mixed up with terrible spelling and misplaced words, they’ll leave your blog forever.

Proofread your post at least 4 to 5 times carefully after writing to make sure It’s free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

Yuo can use Grammarly

5. Make your blog design unique:

The first impression is always the last impression.

Work on the design of your blog to make the first time visitors love it. No matter what theme you use, make it unique and different from all of the other blogs using the same theme.

Judge your own blog by Its cover (I mean the homepage) and see as a visitor. If it doesn’t look catchy than work to improve it.

Would you like to look around after arriving on the homepage of your own blog as a new visitor? Do it and tell me in the comments section.

6. Write attractive blog comments:

Blog commenting is one of the most effective ways of relationship building, connecting with other bloggers, and getting traffic to your blog…


…Bloggers are tired of seeing the overused “Great post” and “Thanks for sharing” comments.

Stand out by adding some value in your comment, put some thoughts in your comments, and please read the whole article before leaving a comment anywhere because your comment is a personal message you’re addressing to the author of the article, so be controversial.

7. Respond to every comment on your blog:

Responding to every comment is my secret strategy for building relationships with other bloggers and increasing the number of comments.

Do you respond to every comment on your blog?

If no, then you’re making a big mistake and that means there’s no human aspect on your blog, you need to add!

By responding to every comment on your blog, you’re encouraging them to come back to your blog to communicate.

8. Forget about the money and stats at first:

I won’t argue against setting your primary goal to make money from your blog. But If you really want to make money from your blog then don’t think of it at first because If you focus solely on money. You won’t be able to build credibility and establish yourself as an authority.

Don’t waste your time checking the stats of the traffic and ranking of your blog daily, I know a lot of bloggers do. Instead, maximize the time you spend on something that adds value.

9. Start guest posting NOW:

Are you still ignoring guest posting?

Guest posting is the most effective way of link building, relationship building, and getting attractive traffic.

In the coming week, I’ll be writing more about guest blogging here because I think most bloggers still don’t know about the importance of it.

Being the author of articles on other reputable blogs is a great feeling. So don’t let the thoughts of submitting your articles on other reputable blogs intimidate you.

10. Don’t give up:

Blogging has lots of ups and downs. So when you face hard times with blogging, don’t give up and keep working towards your goals.

What would you suggest now?

I’ve shared the top 10 quick blogging tips that can help you succeed in 2020 and I’m done now, but I’m sure this isn’t the end.

What would you suggest to your readers that can help them to reach their destination in 2020? Post an attractive comment below and let me know.

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